Real Estate Investing...not as Intimidating as you think! ™

Barrie and Orillia Real Estate Investing - for Twenty (20) years, Shannon Murree, team and network has the experience, knowledge and connections to help all those interested in creating wealth creation opportunities, and invest in Barrie's real estate-market. When you need to have the experienced real-estate investing team on your side.

It's true. When you think of real estate investing can perhaps think of some big branded people like Donald Trump, Don R. Campbell, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, or Warren Buffett - but think about it. Were they always that way? It starts with an idea but then, it's because they took action but know, they didn't do it alone.

So, where does Shannon Murree and the team come in? Well, we have the experience and network to help you get started. It starts with asking questions, learning the fundamentals and utilizing our experience and knowledge to get you towards your goals. So, stop thinking about it and let's take action now! Send us an email to set up a coffee social or perhaps when our next workshop or real estate investing meeting is!

In the interim, check out a video interview below that Shannon did with Canadian Real Estate Expert Don R. Campbell - author, senior analyst and founding "father" of the Real Estate Investment Network - REIN Canada


Online Report - Not sure where to invest

Not sure where to invest?

To enhance your real estate experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you
with as much valuable information and tools as possible.
It is essential that as a buyer (or seller) be aware of all aspects of the real estate market and investing
before making a major decision. Access this free report of
The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™), Canada's top cities to invest!
Top Ontario Investment Towns 2013 - 2018
Top Ontario Investment Towns 2013 - 2018 Every year, The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™) releases its top - 10 list of Ontario cities and towns which yes, includes the City of Barrie. Top Canadian. Investment Cities. 2013-2018. Key Economic Fundamentals are based. Compiled by Don R. Campbell, President/Founding Partner. Melanie Reuter, Manager, Research and Allyssa Epp, Research Analyst
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