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First of all, out of all the resources you could possibly access, thanks to coming to our website. We understand there's a wealth of information out there and we try to streamline that information for you so you can be better and well informed. We'd like you to think of us as your "One Stop Shop" in all things real estate whether buying, selling, renting, investing or educational resources. 

Outside of utilizing our website to be your ultimate resource tool we want to ensure your success. This isn't about us. Sure, we are considered experts in our industry and field because have been doing it a very long time and focus on helping educate others. In addition, based on our longtime experience, committment, ethics, relationships and standards are endorsed and referred heavily in the real estate investment industry in a very ethical, most trustworthy, authentic way - referral base, connections and relationships. We have such a strong and amazing network and connections. We do not pay to receive awards, endorsements or testimonials so know than we we're referred, it's authentically based on our service and expertise. We are considered exclusive Geographical Experts by some major players in the real estate investing world and in turn, work with the same across any where you may want to consider buying, selling or investing and able to connect you.

Though we deal primarily with Real Estate Investors, or those wanting to be, at least we can offer real estate services above the standard "Buying and Selling" and give you options. It's about your life, your needs and what is best suited for your situation. There are so many facets to real estate and lifestyle needs or situations. Usually people reach a situation or milestone in their lives and think that selling is the only way to go. What if we told you that it's not always just "A and B" but there's an option "C".

We pride ourselves on the ability of sitting down with you to discuss your needs. After all, this is about you and your future. If there's a way we can help guide you for wealth creation strategies, then we'd love to help point you in the right direction. If we can't directly assist you with your real estate needs then we will be happy to connect you with someone who can. Or perhaps you have to relocate for business, have family status change, want to move in with a new partner, are a widow/widower, downsizing, received a home from estate, contact us, for a free hour consultation to discuss what possible options exist prior to listing.

Thinking of investing and your future? How do we make our money work hard for us instead of us working so hard for our money. Perhaps considerations you have is wanting a certain lifestyle, have childrens' post secondary education in mind, worried about retirement and know you can't count on the Canada Pension (CPP) retirement pension or haven't contributed enough or simply, just want to have wealth creation strategies.

Before you do anything (except for educating yourself of course) please know where you stand financially. Credit and Debt - avoid disappointment and know what you can qualify for and what is your credit score.  We explain at the next block below.

Here are some of our suggestions for guidance (and most common answers to questions we get):

Checking your credit score is important. We suggest that you do your own credit check to avoid multiple inquiries and know where you stand. The two that lenders check are below. We've linked websites for you by clicking on the images to learn more and get started!

Ready for next steps? Well, explore our website for additional resources and then contact us to get you going and take action!

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Let Shannon Murree, award-winning Investment REALTOR® help you*. Shannon and her team offer investment strategies, what neighbourhoods and areas are key and how to develop YOUR investment strategy!

Shannon also offers property management which is KEY because you need to know what the market rents are to make informed decisions.

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To enhance your real estate experience, it’s our job as real estate professionals to provide you with as much valuable information and tools as possible. It is essential that as a buyer (or seller) be aware of all aspects of the real estate market and investing before making a major decision. Access this free report of The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™), Canada's top cities to invest!

Top Ontario Investment Towns 2013 - 2018
Every year, The Real Estate Investment Network (REIN™) releases its top - 10 list of Ontario cities and towns which yes, includes the City of Barrie. Top Canadian. Investment Cities. 2013-2018. Key Economic Fundamentals are based. Compiled by Don R. Campbell, President/Founding Partner. Melanie Reuter, Manager, Research and Allyssa Epp, Research Analyst
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